WODAN, Exceptional Room Dividing Screen by Herman Blondeel & Hans Weyers, 1991

360 cm
200 cm
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Let's open the doors of our imagination to Wodan, a five-part screen with respectable dimensions (360cm x 200cm). Instigated by Claude André, the director of his own homonym gallery, Wodan brings together Herman Blondeel, art glass maker and the light architect, Hans Weyers. The two artists chose to work on the first function of the screen. Since is was used, above all, to protect from wind bursts, and not only to hide nudity, nothing prevents it from being made of glass or transparent materials. With a devastating sense of humor, they went a step further, as soon as you approach the three-dimensional head of Wodan, it blows air in your face while its mirrors sends us back our distorted image. Thus the Scandinavian god of the wind, a force of nature but also a symbol of the intellect, at the same time, makes us laugh and questions our identity and our scale of values. This duality is also expressed through materials of industrial or natural origins with its frame of copper and glass, blown glass head, polyester scepter, curved mirror, electric blower, and use of wood and MDF.